6 Soft Skills Brooklyn 99 Proves are Totally Important for Your Career

By Mia Casey

1. Positivity

Even when everything seems to be falling apart around you (or burning to nothing a la Boyle’s food truck), it’s important to try to have a positive outlook on how you’re going to move beyond whatever dire situation you find yourself in. Being positive can help you remain open to new opportunities, think of new solutions to whatever problem you’re facing, AND it can help minimise stress.

2. Honesty

Being honest can often be difficult, but is super important when it comes to your career. If you know you’ve made a mistake, realise that something won’t work, or figure out a better way of doing things but don’t want to tell anyone, then you’re holding yourself back. A good employer will value honesty when it’s used constructively, as it can help your team reach your goals.

And, like Holt, being able to receive honesty in an open way can help you grow as a person (and avoid any unfortunate hat choices).

3. Creativity

Being able to come up with new and inventive ways of tackling a problem is a super valuable skill to have under your belt. Like Gina and Terry trying to use Cheddar to build Holt’s social media presence, thinking outside of the box and building on established ideas to come up with new ones is something employers will really appreciate.

4. Communication

Good ol’ interpersonal communication is a pretty vital skill to start cultivating in all areas of your life. Being able to have a casual conversation, know how to talk to a variety of people, and understand the best way to convey information to your chosen audience are all pretty essential elements for most roles. It can help you build relationships and work within a team more productively!

5. Confidence

Going through your career doubting your every move can lead to missed opportunities and an innate sense that you don’t know what you’re doing (aka Imposter Syndrome). Sometimes you’ve just got to accept that, hey, you deserve to be confident in your abilities! Obviously you shouldn’t go around telling everyone you’re the best thing since sliced bread, but believing in yourself while still being open to other opinions can help you build your leadership potential.

6. Persistence

Like Boyle rescuing his arch nemesis, Sergeant Peanut Butter, sometimes you just need a little persistence in your career. Whether it’s bouncing back after rejection, staying to solve a problem, or trying to get a new idea off the ground, persistence can see you through some pretty difficult times. Combine it with confidence and a positive outlook, and you’re golden.


Featured image courtesy of HDQWalls


Author: Mia Casey

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