Looking for a Job? Here’s Where to Look

Looking for a job? With so many resources available it can be hard to know where to look! Below is a list of job sites that you can use in your job search process. Regardless of whether you’re a student, experienced graduate, or anywhere in between, these sites can help you find your next dream job or internship!

Student job sites:

Student job sites advertise positions that are specifically targeted towards students, recent graduates, or people looking to gain experience. These sites are good if you’re looking for part-time work, and internship, or a graduate role.

UTS CareerHub

UTS CareerHub is an online jobs board for UTS students. Employers who are excited to work with UTS talent post numerous jobs every week, so there is always something new. With hundreds of jobs and work opportunities on offer from a variety of industries, it doesn’t matter where you’re at in your degree, there’s something there for everyone. If you’re studying at UTS, this should really be your first stop.

Grad Connection

‘GradConnection connects you with the best employers offering graduate jobs and programs, clerkships, vacation programs and internships.  We also have one off roles being advertised so you are sure not to miss a thing. ‘


Pedestrian.tv advertises a variety of roles, including internships, graduate roles, and more general positions. They have a wide variety of jobs on offer from a range of fields including fashion, marketing, design, hospitality, and event management roles. They’re also good if you’re looking for work with small, new companies or online roles.

Short-term or overseas jobs:

These sites are a bit of a mixed bag. If you’re interested in working overseas, or in a position raging from a single shift to full-time work, these sites are for you.


‘OneShift is an online job network which matches employees with employers. This can be anything from one-off shifts, casual work or permanent employment. Both job seekers and businesses can sign-up for free.’


The GoinGlobal team is comprised of individuals representing many different nationalities who all have one experience in common—we have all lived and worked outside of our home countries. GoinGlobal is committed to providing “grassroots intelligence” through our team of in-country researchers. These individuals are in place around the world to monitor and update the career information and resources that we deliver to you.

General job sites:

General careers sites usually have the largest selection of jobs on offer, however a majority of them do not have a huge number of student opportunities (although they are definitely still worth checking out!). These sites are especially good if you’re a graduate, or have previous experience and are looking to make a career change.


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Author: Mia Casey

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