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By Georgia O’Connor

(Originally posted on N2N Communications’ blog)

Last year as I stared down the gun of my final year at university, I decided I needed more experience (and more confidence) before I attempted my entry into the realm of full time work. So, to save you some time, and potentially your sanity, here are five tips to help you stand out as a PR intern and land your dream holiday gig.

1. Create content

One of the best things to show an interviewer is that you are creating content proactively. Having a portfolio of work, whether it be blog posts, a website or a social media platform (that is not just for your personal use), is a great way for people to gauge your style and of course, dedication and passion. From a cheeky dog ear snap, to an Instastory of your train trip, we all create content on a daily basis and as millennials, this should come as second nature. So, utilise those skills productively to showcase your skills to a prospective employer.

2. Understand media

The media landscape is ever changing, and it’s important for anyone working in PR to be across what is happening over a broad range of publications. In your spare time, scan the web, get familiar with the different newspapers, check your social media channels, and be up to date with anything that is trending. Take time to read widely on a range of subjects to build a bank of knowledge that shows a diverse knowledge and personality during the interview process.

3. Know how your skills apply to PR

It’s all well and good to have a bullet point list of your roles and responsibilities at the local café, but be prepared to talk about how they can be applied to a job in PR. In my experience, my years working in both hospitality and retail have taught me endless lessons that are directly applicable for my career in PR – think about how you can apply these professional lessons into a prospective PR internship.

4. Do your research

Before you head into the all-important intern interview, make sure that you understand the culture of the agency. Take the time to research the values of the company and the types of clients that they take on, and not just the big names. It would be worthwhile taking in two or three examples of specific clients and campaigns that interested you.

5. Keep calm

While you will not be expected to interview like a seasoned consultant, try your best to stay focused and calm. Take your time before you answer questions, make sure you understand them, and if you don’t it’s ok to ask! Show your passion for the industry, your personality and shine bright like a diamond!


So, my friends, with this advice in mind, start looking for agencies that might suit you and your passions and get applying!




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