How to Get Your Motivation Mojo Back

By Mia Casey

Uni’s back in session and guess what that means? You get to start balancing work, a social life, AND study! Exciting right?

So maybe you’re feeling a little bit like you really can’t be bothered, and that Netflix series you started bingeing two days before uni started back is really calling for you to sink back into your couch. And hey, you’re readings will still be there for the morning, right? Right?

If this sounds like your current state of mind then I hate to say it, but it kind of seems like you may have lost your productivity ‘mojo’. Trying to get motivated again after having some blissful time off can seem like the hugest hassle in the world, but there are some pretty simple ways you can beat out the procrastination and get that mojo back! And besides, knowing these techniques now will be infinitely helpful when you finish with uni and have to look at tackling the exact same issues in the workplace.

Schedule it

Even if it’s just for the first few weeks to get back into the swing of things, make a schedule. Giving yourself a visual outline of when you’re busy and when you have down time can help make everything look a little more manageable. Instead of only focusing on the incoming tasks you’ve got hanging over your head, you can also get a balanced look at what else is going on in your life.

Plus, it can help you start managing your time better so you feel a little more motivated to get started on things earlier to stave off the stress later on.

Still take some ‘you’ time

Even through things are getting hectic, make sure you set some time aside to check in with your mental wellbeing. It’s easy to feel like you can’t afford any down time, and that in turn can make you lose motivation and want to procrastinate, so try to get that balance right and still take time for yourself.

Make some goals

If it feels like there’s a slowly rising tide of work that you know you should be doing but really can’t find the motivation to get started, it’s time to start making things more achievable. How? Start setting some goals!

Look at breaking down each task into smaller, more easily managed goals. Have an essay due? Pick a day or two to get your research, another to plot out your arguments, another to write up a draft, and another again to tidy it up and check your references. It’s this sort of time management that employers look for and can help nudge that motivation back into being.

Get inspired

If you’re at the point where you can’t quite remember why you even started studying in the first place, it’s time to search for some #inspo. Do some research on what amazing developments are happening in your industry, track down super relatable blogs, or get stuck into a memoir or autobiography from someone amazing in your field. Just start surrounding yourself with that positive energy and it can help you get back on track.

Be accountable

Finally, tell people about the little goals your setting up or what tasks you’ve got coming up and the plans you have to complete them. Ask them to check in with you every few days so that even if you really don’t feel like working you know they’re going to ask so you should probably at least do something, right? You don’t want to disappoint them. See? Guilt can be totally motivational… in the right circumstances.



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Author: Mia Casey

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