The Office: 7 Relatable Workplace Moments

There are moments that everyone experiences throughout their working life, and there’s no better way to share them than through ‘The Office’!

We all know that moment when…

1. You’re trying to stay awake during an important presentation after binge-watching that new Netflix series the night before


2. The person who didn’t hold the lift for you walks in late for an important meeting


3. Someone finally replies to that email you sent days ago


4. It feels like a Friday but you look at your phone and realise it’s only Wednesday


5. You’ve only just started a new job and you still don’t recognise any of your colleagues yet, so they all sort of blur together


6. The person you’re working on a project with presents your idea as their own during a meeting



And here’s a final piece of advice I think we can all appreciate:


Featured image courtesy of theodysseyonline


Author: Mia Casey

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