Get Organised! FREE 2018 Calendar and Planner Printables

By Mia Casey

It’s basically 2018 and now is the time to start getting organised. Unfortunately, calendars and planners can be uber expensive, so why not use the Pinterest advantage and use some free, printable ones instead!

(When clicking through to the links below, be sure to read the posts these creators have written so you don’t miss the download option).


Minimal Calendar

This calendar relies on simple black and white design to create a clean and easily usable layout. With space for daily notes and a portrait orientation, this calendar is a pretty practical addition to your planning!

By: Dear Crissy

Moon Phase and Zodiac Calendar

This calendar is an aesthetically pleasing way to map out your days. With a modern, paint splattered design, a circular constellation map for each star sign, and phases of the moon featured next to the appropriate days, this one is for your inner star child.

By: Intuitive Collective


Three Option Calendar

These different calendar options are all about function. Offering a choice of colours, and three distinct layout options, each calendar leaves space for notes and utilises minimal colour (so you can save on those printing costs!).

By: Emma Studies


Student Calendar and Planner

This is the ultimate student planner guide. It includes various calendars with note options, a daily planner, a timed task list, class schedule, habit tracker, and pretty much everything you could think of when it comes to organisation. Plus, like all of these resources, it’s free.

By: Emma Studies


Pretty Painted Calendar

Another simple calendar layout, this particular design includes beautiful pastel and gold paint designs along the top of this portrait-orientated calendar. It’s pretty, it’s easy to use, it’s pretty, it’s clearly laid out, and it’s pretty. It’d be worth paying for a colour print, that’s for sure. (Did I mention that it’s pretty?).

By: Dear Crissy


Planner Inserts

Customisable Planner Inserts

Made to go in a binder planner, each insert format comes in a number of colour and design options so you can really make it your own. It has everything from calendars to space for daily tasks, so you’ll be set!

By: The Handmade Home


Typography Planner Inserts

Clean and simple inserts with gorgeous script-style typography and space for you to write your own dates means that you can start using these planner pages at any time of the year. It also includes a great daily task list that leaves space for your top 5 tasks, a to-do list, word of the week, ‘to call’ and ‘to email’ boxes, and space for you to write what’s on tomorrow. Basically, it’s pretty cool.

By: Pink Bows Twinkle Toes


Featured image courtesy of Unsplash


Author: Mia Casey

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